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Host One can manage handle your website maintenance to help your site perform at its best. Over time, your website becomes outdated and could lead to broken functionally. At least, your we can backup on a regular schedule. What’s more, Host One ensures security updates are constantly patched to minimize any security threats.

Why Website Maintenance Matters

Congratulations, your website is up and running! After hours of grueling work and tweaks, you’ve finally gotten it to look exactly how you want… But that isn’t enough. Just like the human body needs regular nutrition and movement for optimal performance. Websites also require regular maintenance. This is so your site can function and run smoothly. As a result, giving you the most out of your investment.

Here’s how having a well maintained website will benefit you:

  • A well functioning site: A website is the world’s window into your business. For The most part, is the first impression potential customers have of your organisation. Out-of-date plugins directly affect maintaining a professional appearance on your website. Theses plugins can be used directly on the site or on third party services (e.g. Google Maps, reCAPTCHA, etc.). By comparison, patching on a daily basis is impractical. Not to mention, uneconomical. Our monthly maintenance service offers a cost-effective, well-balanced approach. This ensures your site keeps running smoothly.
  • Protection against cyber-attacks: Countless websites are hacked every day. To point out, it’s necessary to ensure your website is protected with up-to-date security software. It is also essential that security monitoring is in place to counter malware and cyber-attacks. Our web maintenance plan will protect your site from cyber hackers and security threats.
  • Search Engine Optimisation: Part of ranking well on Google depends on your website performance, level of security, and design. Search engine results are also affected by elements like website speed, and how mobile responsive it is. Up your chances of ranking highly on Google by maintaining your website well.
  • Financial savings: Cyber security attacks can affect poorly maintained websites. In short, this causes revenue loss, business interruption and a poor client experience. Regular maintenance is an investment for your website. To explain, it provides your organisation with a layer of digital protection. This prevents loss of income and a diminished reputation.


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