Web & Mobile Integrations

web and mobile System Integrations

Host One can integrate well-established software systems into your existing or developing website. We can link both websites and non-traditional platforms to your existing system. In contrast, reducing development time by using systems that are purposely made to be a service on the Cloud. In fact, we can create web and mobile system integrations to suit your needs.

System Integrations

Whether it is a simple app promoting a product, a functional front-end app, a more complex back-end system, or a tie-in with your Host One-developed website. Host One will tailor our mobile app development to your business requirements so you get exactly what you need.

With experience integrating complex System Back-ends (e.g. Point of Sales Systems) while providing a fast and fully functional user experience within our custom built mobile apps. Host One has a series of success stories spanning both Android and iOS. Have something more complex in mind that requires customization? Get in touch to have a discussion about how Host One can help with bespoke solutions.

Mobile Applications

Looking for mobile app developers in Perth? Host One can create mobile apps for any situation. We have the custom-built solution for your specific needs. In particular, where it comes to app development.

The swift shift to handheld mobile technology has caused a large disruption to traditional development standards. The world is now mobile and Host One has prepared experience to be at the forefront of this new technology race with mobile app development.

We specialise in the two main mobile and tablet platforms, Android and iOS. Above all, developing mobile apps in their native environments for full functionality and control.

Website Applications

Advances in web technology opens the door to computer applications no longer being a restrictive limitation of their operating systems. Enter online applications! Sometimes, regular WordPress and Content Management Systems aren’t sufficient for the degree of customization needed for your website.  Advanced websites are like applications or elaborate web systems, and with heavily coded back-ends.

We develop advanced websites on an industry supported PHP framework. By comparison, is actively maintained to ensure the highest of efficiency and security standards are met.


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