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Focused web development for beautiful sites that attract and convert your customers.

The importance of a website

97% of consumers go online to find and/or research a business (Forbes). That means if you don’t have an online presence, you’re missing out on awareness, leads and customers. A website is the digital window into your business, the equivalent of a retail stores display window. Even if your marketing and selling strategies exist outside a web or digital platform, your website will always be a touch point for customers. An accurate and professional representation of your business is essential at all times.

Web development & design

At Host One, we are committed to building complete custom sites with a key focus on performance and user-friendliness. Using the most popular content management system in the world, WordPress, to build new or update existing sites with cost-effective ease. Our web development ethos includes:

Mobile first

With over 50% of web users on mobile, it is critical your site is optimised for mobile device’s. Every website we build, or update, will always be executed using a mobile first philosophy, maximising the speed and functionality on handheld devices.

Search engine optimised

Benefit from in-built technical SEO that begins delivering results immediately. Creating Google friendly sites is critical to being found by consumers with the right intent. For information on our SEO services visit our digital marketing and SEO services.

Content that converts

A website is designed to achieve a goal e.g., leads, engagement, education etc. The content (text, images and layout) must be aligned to fulfill this objective. We understand online behaviour, that’s why we support the content creation process to maximise your conversion.

Power to you

Many web developers create sites that are not owner friendly. Charging large sums for minor changes that could easily be executed by the site owner. Using the latest technology, we give power to you, by creating websites that are easy to edit and manipulate.

Ecommerce made easy

Using industry leading providers such as WooCommerce and Shopify, you benefit from a fully integrated online store. With complete functionality for products, carts and payment gateways for your business.

Systems integrations

With key experience in all types of development and a long history in IT, Host One are capable of providing fully integrated systems. From applications to complex back-end systems (Point of Sales, Commission Trackers, Personal Tax Processing), it is possible to benefit from custom solutions designed exclusively to fit your needs.

Website maintenance

Site maintenance is critical to SEO, ongoing functionality and delivering a return on investment. Technical components of your website including security features are updated monthly. Failing to update these results in functionality issues and puts your business at risk of intrusion and hacking events. If either of these situations occur, your online presence will be seriously hindered and even restricted by search engines. That’s why we keep your site performing with web maintenance plans for only $49 a month.

Click for more information on why website maintenance matters.

Mobile applications

Host One’s developing capabilities are not limited to websites. Our team of developers can create iOS and Android mobile applications for any business requirement. Using the latest technology to build apps with full functionality, integration and control.

Why choose us?

We understand web development supports the foundation of digital marketing that is effective in delivering ROI. Despite their importance, web design and development is a topic that puzzles most business owners. That’s why we’ve established a team of expert personnel to deliver cost-effective and efficient solutions.

Our local presence providing ongoing support when you need it most.

Contact us to start creating a home for your business today.

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