Protection & Recovery

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Data protection, or preventing data loss, is an integral part of any business with a digital component. Data backup is therefore indispensable, regardless of whether it is stored in the Cloud of on-premise. Host One provides data protection & recovery ensuring the highest level of redundancy.

Data Protection & Recovery

Host One has a range of custom-designed solutions to back up environments and protect you against data loss. In detail, these solutions are suitable for protection against data loss through ransomware. As well as, accidental deletion or system failure and are deployed based on the client’s specific requirements.

Backup solutions will often comprise a mix of onsite and offsite technologies. As well as, a sophisticated monitoring component developed in-house to ensure ongoing compliance and reliability.

Manage risk by choosing the solution best suited to your needs. Ranging from simple file-level backup on an individual PC or on-premise servers, to hypervisor-level backups supporting multiple virtual servers. Host One also offers various data archiving plans and solutions to keep regular historical copies of data. These are kept for reference purposes in safe and secure off-site environments.

Disaster Recovery

Every organisation has to manage risk. In order to ensure continuous service delivery and minimal business interruption in the event of a partial or complete disaster. Crucial to preparing for a disruptive event is the development of a documented strategy. In any case, it must account for different levels of business interruption.

How can Host One help?

At Host One, the process of planning for recovery is simple. In brief, we assist our clients with developing a strategy in six steps:

  1. Discovery and gathering of relevant information
  2. Workshops to explore different scenarios that present risk
  3. Analysis of the information
  4. Documentation and presentation of formal strategy
  5. Implementation
  6. Monitoring and testing regime

The process incorporates a range of different technologies and solutions to ensure continuity of business. More than just backups, it is a holistic view of risk management for your organisation. In conclusion, Host One offer a range of consulting services to assist with the planning and implementation of a disaster recovery strategy suitable to your business.


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