Moving to the cloud

As with many things in IT (and life), the answer to this question isn’t a set response and will depend largely on how many applications, user and how much data you need to move. Ideally, we will work with you to move properly through a managed roll out of changes, with appropriate testing at each point, to ensure that the project runs smoothly.

That said, for organisations who are looking to get going from very little existing configuration or to recover from a disaster, we have been able to migrate entire and functioning business from completely onsite based to completely cloud based in as little as a day.

My server has crashed! Can I pick up where I left off, in the cloud?

Generally, yes. Assuming we have some way to pick up your data, either from backups or recovery from what remains from your old equipment, it’s likely we can migrate your company to our cloud in a very short period of time.

Ordinarily, we do this by working to immediately capture emails that may be being lost in real time, then bring online your essential data and services first, allowing the less essential ones to come up later.

Thanks to the scalability of our cloud environment, we can often bring companies who have suffered a catastrophic disaster back online in a matter of hours, with all their staff able to be productive once more.