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Supporting your business with complete end-to-end managed IT services and local support.

Driving your business with IT

Information Technology (IT) are the systems and processes surrounding your business data and information. Without a doubt, it is one of the main area’s organisations can drive value by lowering costs, enhancing operations and securing valuable data. The key to a successful IT infrastructure is to reduce downtime and rectify issues that can occur on a weekly/daily basis quickly

What is managed IT services?

Managed IT services is essentially outsourcing your internal IT to Host One who then assume complete responsibility for your IT environment. This includes monitoring, anti-virus, ensuring optimal uptime and fixing anything required in the organisation which is part of a monthly contracted agreement. We have full transparency and control over your internal IT operations. We perform routine performance monitoring, audits and find ways to improve the systems from a holistic viewpoint. This is a fully managed IT agreement.

Benefits of managed IT services

Outsourcing your IT lets you focus on your company’s core competencies and means you benefit from:

  • Fixed monthly costs
  • Compliance and data security
  • Speed of new technology implementation
  • Access to a broad range of IT skills and experience
  • Reduced internal labour cost

Our solution

We employ a highly experienced and diverse team of IT professionals that help organisations of all shapes and sizes discover value with IT. Affiliations with MYOB, Greentree, Microsoft, Datto, Trend, Backupify and Pentanet mean we support any size or scope of project.

As a local Perth-based team, our services include:

  • Software installation and support
  • An Australian IT support desk
  • PC and mobile device management
  • Proactive monitoring and response
  • Analysis and establishing of a cyber security perimeter
  • Business data backup and disaster recovery planning
  • Hardware and software purchase
  • Project Planning and Implementation

Why choose us?

We understand IT and digital technologies support the foundation of business operations that are fast, effective and scalable. Despite their importance, IT is a topic that puzzles most business owners and often causes headaches. That’s why we’ve established high-quality infrastructure and personnel that deliver cost-effective and efficient IT business solutions.

Our presence on your doorstep provides ongoing IT and technical support when you need it most. For over a decade, we’ve helped local, interstate and international businesses find their feet in IT and digital landscape with great success.

Contact us to start creating value with IT for your business today.


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