Host One don’t just provide virtual servers, services and datacentres – we also ensure that these products are tailor made to suit your environment and work with you to integrate them into your workspaces and existing / legacy environments.

Many organisations sell spin-up virtual servers, however the real value from these products come from having them seamlessly integrated into your working environment and allowing your users to maximise the flexibility, mobility and functionality that comes from operating out of the cloud.

Here’s some of the ways Host One can work with you or your existing IT providers, to integrate our cloud based solutions with you and your staff.


Host One work with all local and national ISPs to provide total solutions to your hybrid cloud package. We can use the latest and most robust technologies, such as MPLS or managed point to point ethernet connections, to connect equipment in our datacentres to your location. Using these technologies, equipment in our racks will appear locally within your environment and be just as accessible as your existing servers and other pieces of equipment.

Using our Hybrid Cloud approach, you’re able to add resources from our environment directly into yours, letting us pick up the hassles of maintenance, backups and capital costs, leaving you to get to work far more rapidly and at far lower cost.

Using a Host One hybrid cloud solution also takes away the large delays in waiting for equipment to ship or worrying about redundant hardware in your own environment, as we can provide these services instantly and on demand.


Many organisations need to know that their business information systems won’t just be functioning today but that they’ll be available tomorrow and the day after. However, when it comes to affording a highly available solution, many companies simply can’t afford or cannot prioritise redundant servers, storage units and other necessary components to ensure they can function during a serious server related disaster. Simply having backups of your data or even systems is little comfort if the hardware you require to run them has failed and is awaiting replacement.

Host One are able to replicate your working server environments to our offsite cloud in near real time, often even over slower links, such as ADSL. Using highly compressed replication technology, we can capture an image of your servers at a single point in time, and follow this up with replication of changes as frequently as every 5 minutes.

Using this proven technology, Host One are able to fire up our replications of your environment in the event that your server suffers a hardware failure or software corruption, meaning that we can have you back up and running in just minutes, on our equipment, instead of waiting days for replacement hardware to ship from interstate or overseas.

Host One offsite disaster recovery can be configured in very little time and is an incredibly cost effective way for your organisation to get near-enterprise grade redundancy on a small business budget – and without huge capital costs.


Although many organisations have some level of backup, very few smaller or medium sized business have fully automated offsite backups, allowing you the peace of mind that in the event of an onsite disaster, your key information is safely stored offsite, without having to worry about user intervention.


Host One can provide offsite backups to your organisation in a variety of ways, including secure and private synchronisation technologies, similar to dropbox or gdrive. Host One’s cloud allows you to get all the benefits of these large scale public cloud file synchronisation tools, with the benefits of knowing your data is not on a publicly shared server and with far more generous quotas. Our cloud synchronisation service provides you a unique instance, shared with no other users or organisations and is backed up constantly, throughout the day.

This solution is perfect for smaller organisations or disparate workforces, to synchronise and share files, while keeping them secure, at a very low cost. When combined with Host One’s Managed Exchange, it can provide a secure, mobile and incredible powerful collaboration tool for smaller companies.

Our service allows you to:

  • Store your data in a secure and private location, not shared with any other customers.
  • Access huge quotas.
  • Share files and information with other team members.
  • Synchronise key files, contacts and pictures with team members.
  • Set user permissions on files, folders or other data items.
  • Share contacts, videos and pictures or back them up safely, online.


Host One also offer fully automated, image based (snapshot) backups of your core servers, directly to our enterprise grade storage devices in our datacentres. Using MPLS, point-to-point ethernet or VPN based technology, we can present our storage to you, directly, as an iSCSI attached device, which you can then attach to your servers, allowing “local backups” to be performed, offsite.

Using this approach, we can store secure and private copies of your entire server disks, allowing recovery of files, folders, applications or even complete systems. Furthermore, in the event of a disaster, we can even build a complete replacement server for you, on our equipment, from these backups, meaning you’re able to recover from total hardware failure in only a couple of hours, instead of days or worse.