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In this day and age, your website is the single most important digital asset for your organisation. Therefore, it pays to host your website with a proven company, and that understands the intricate practices of best website hosting.

Website Hosting

Host One has been offering website hosting services in Australia for over 20 years. Significantly, with a track record of long term satisfied clients. In essence, our clients appreciate a dedicated relationship manager, a local helpdesk, and an IT team that can handle the most complex issues.

Host One provide website hosting using popular Cpanel management software. As a result, granting you the software to control all aspects of the website. Backed up by a local support team who can answer your questions and assist you.

Domain Hosting

Your domain name is unique to your business and will greatly affect how people find you online. Even more, it is the first point of contact that most people will have with your organisation. Getting the right advice before you start is essential to making sure you are successful.

Your organisation expands and the infrastructure requirements scale. The sheer complexity of the technology that powers your website is commonly overwhelming. It is important to monitor server performance and cyber security in real time to maximise uptime and minimise downtime.

Email Hosting

Every business deserves secure, reliable email to conduct daily business and communicate with clients. However not all email is the same. Choose the best email suited to your business and budget.

With POP3, email is limited to being downloaded only to your local device. Accessing your email account from multiple devices is possible but difficult to manage. In particular, for larger businesses or people on the move who regularly access email on multiple devices. IMAP, or Internet Message Access Protocol, allows the user to access their email inbox from any computer. Being that, the message is not downloaded to a local device, but instead read from the email service.


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