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Local infrastructure and support for any type of website, email, cloud and data hosting services.

What are hosted services?

A hosting service is the supply of a server that houses website or any other data, application(s) or services that are accessible via the internet. Accordingly, servers require significant infrastructure and depending on the type of hosting, are shared across multiple clients. In other words, if you have a website, application, email, data and/or business information that needs to be accessible via the internet, you need a hosted server solution. However, not all servers and hosting providers are equal.

An enterprise-class hosting provider

As a hosting solutions provider for over 10 years, Host One is dedicated to performance and reliability. Investing in considerable local infrastructure to support all types of hosting requirements. Additionally, each server is continually optimised to provide the best possible output for each client. Specifically, a dedicated team maintains and supports the server, making sure they are streamlined for performance. Our hosting solutions include:

  • Websites and domains
  • Cloud servers
  • Virtual and data centre servers
  • Email
  • Applications

Optimised hosting services

In addition to servers focused on performance, you benefit from:

  • Projects deployed quickly and effectively
  • No initial capital expenditure
  • Fixed costs
  • Scalable solutions
  • Continual maintenance and support

Why choose us?

We understand hosting services support the foundation of business operations that are fast, effective and scalable. Despite this, hosting technology is a topic that puzzles most business owners and often causes headaches. That’s why we’ve established high-quality infrastructure and personnel that deliver cost-effective and efficient hosting solutions.

Contact us to maximise your hosting today.

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