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Host One offers enterprise-class private cloud servers, utilising VMware’s vCloudMicrosoft Hyper-V and Citrix Hypervisor from multiple locations across Australia.

Virtual Private Cloud Servers

Host one are configures virtual private servers to suit the specific requirements of your business. Particularly, most ideal and secure solution when you need dedicated resources for your website or software application. So start small, having the option to expand as your organisation evolves. In effect, leveraging different technologies and platforms to get the best solution.

Our server footprint gives you the choice to host in many locations across Australia to suit your needs. Thus, provisioning a virtual server is quick and easy and offers a scalable platform to grow with your business.

Our Australian-based team can assist with implementations and migrations from existing servers to Host One’s secure environment. Undeniably, Host One is also experienced in designing a tailor-made solution to fit your specific requirements.

Make a wise move for your organisation or business, and consider switching to the Host One Cloud to run essential business applications. While you’re at it, save on capital-intensive infrastructure investments.

Virtual Data Centre Services

Utilising a range of different technologies, the Host One Cloud offers scalability to suit your organisation’s specific requirements. Manage risk whilst ensuring compliance by implementing a range of backup, redundancy and disaster recovery services to complement your Cloud.

Host One utilises VMware’s vCloudMicrosoft Hyper-V and Citrix Hypervisor from multiple locations across Australia to provide clients with comprehensive virtual data centre services. Host One owns and manages all our equipment. Therefore, guaranteeing maximum up time, remain digitally secure and ultimately achieving the highest of services levels

Our Australian-based team can assist with implementations, data migration, system and solution design. For that reason, consider moving to the Host One Cloud to run essential business applications. In effect, save on capital-intensive infrastructure investments.

Co-location Services

Simply put, co-location is a setup in which your business can rent server space and computing hardware. Explore our co-location services! Host One’s facility offers your organisation the ability to store its equipment in our data centers. In essence, taking advantage of internet bandwidth, physical security, climate control, reliable power supply and monitoring tools.

Benefits of Co-location

The advantages of co-location are multi-faceted:

  1. Increased connectivity — Be assured your business applications always run smoothly and without interruption.
  2. A  more secure network — Host One’s co-location offerings include the latest Intrusion Detection systems to protect your business data and applications.
  3. Burstable bandwidth — With co-location, Host One can meet the requirements of peak periods of usage by boosting the bandwidth the we offer. Accommodate the traffic demands of your business while saving on repeat capital costs.
  4. Risk minimization — Co-location allows your organisation to take advantage of different backup and disaster recovery options to minimize risk whilst ensuring compliance.

Packages start from compact 1RU of rack space. With options that allow you to scale all the way to multiple racks in many of our Australia-based data centers. Even more, our support team can assist with installation and configuration from existing environments. By comparison, making the process a smooth and painless one for you.


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