Data protection is about more than just backups – a solid data integrity plan includes an understanding of the threats to your core business information and what can be done to ensure it’s appropriately protected.

While many businesses already have anti-virus solutions in place, these really only provide a very small level of protection against hacking, malware and other IT security concerns. Business with Internet facing systems, such as corporate websites, portals, VPNs and remote access, need a higher level of security based information, to ensure they’re aware of threats and attacks, in real time.

Host One’s Security as a Service offering is about far more than just managing PC level anti-virus solutions. Here’s some of the features we include:

  • Email filtering – stop SPAM and viruses before they arrive at your end user PCs or mail servers.
  • Centralised management of logs and key security information – be alerted to issues as they occur, preventing attacks going unnoticed.
  • Centralised management and tracking of security software, such as anti-virus, anti-malware products.
  • Protection of websites and web facing products.
  • Monitoring of backups and other core functions.
  • Monitoring of patching and software deployment, throughout your organisation.
  • Monitoring of key services, functions and system uptime.
  • Optional maintenance and proactive support.

Using our in house developed solutions, we’re able to help keep you informed of what software is being modified around your organisation, which machines are being patched and supported and track events in real time – usually without the installation of agent based software on your PCs.


Host One offers two levels of offsite backups for your servers:

  • No lock in contracts.
  • No upfront purchasing of hardware or software.
  • Easily scale up or down with no penalties.
  • Automated management and real time reporting of your company’s security.
  • Find out about issues as they happen – not long after.
  • Proactive reporting and maintenance.