Offsite Backup

Protecting your data is a key component of any IT solution, without which, you’re always at risk of losing the information that makes your business function. 

 With servers located in Perth’s best datacentres, Host One offer a range of offsite backup solutions to fit any budget, including:

Server Backups

Host One offers two levels of offsite backups for your servers:

Our offsite backup solution captures all changes made to your server in a scheduled backup (usually daily) and sends them to our storage devices, stored offsite. This data is stored as a secure and private VHD file, which can be provided to you in times of need, allowing you to fully recover your data. Windows 2012 and upwards systems can natively mount or boot from these VHD files, allowing for very rapid recovery of lost systems. 

Offsite replication of Hyper-V servers allows us to keep an up to date copy of your onsite virtual machines, ready to boot up for you to use either a test systems, prior to major upgrades or as a full disaster recovery solution. Over a reasonably fast link, the difference between your on and offsite servers can be as small as a couple of minutes and this system can function even over ADSL. 

With full offsite backups of servers priced at just $50 a TB*, per month, any business can afford the peace of mind that their critical information is safely and automatically stored offsite.

*Storage is priced at $50/TB/month, however you may incur additional data charges from your ISP. Host One offers now offers backup data through WAIX connections, so please check that your ISP is a member of WAIX, to ensure your ISP does not charge you for backup traffic. 

File Synchronisation

While there are many public cloud based file synchronisations solutions, such as Dropbox, GDrive, SkyDrive and iCloud, none of these solutions offer the security of being private to your company. Host One can maintain a unique instance, cloud based file synchronisation solution for your organisation, which gives you complete control over your data. The system is not shared with any other clients and you control all aspects, such as:

Our solution works on:

As well as being fully accessible from any modern browser. 

With pricing at just $1 per GB per month, it’s a great way to backup important files or share data between remote users, securely and without hassles. 

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