Host One are a proven web hosting company, with comprehensive experience in a wide range of hosting environments.

We offer a huge range of Internet based services including:

  • Linux hosting environments.
  • Windows hosting environments.
  • Email SPAM / virus filtering for your existing mail server.

What's Included?

  • Easy to use control panels – manage your own systems.
  • Automated backups.
  • All data hosted in Australia, with local and contactable support.
  • Scalability: up or downsize your account within minutes.
  • Email SPAM / virus filtering for your hosted domains.
  • Very generous storage.

Service & Application Hosting

Host One can also host various services and applications for your. These may be database or web servers you require, to bring on new workloads or functionalities in your organisation, without having to provision new physical equipment or add load to existing servers. Some examples applications may be:

  • MySQL.
  • Microsoft SQL Server.
  • Microsoft Sharepoint.
  • Business Intelligence and Reporting applications.
  • Legacy software applications.


CentOS Linux based hosting, with full CPanel access


Windows Server based shared hosting


Your own CentOS based VPS, configured how you need it