Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I find the Standard Form of Agreement?

You can find our Standard Form of Agreement, right here!

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How can I log into the support portal?

If you’re looking to log into our online support portal, to create or update a case or to change your cloud services, you can find the login page in the top right hand corner of all of our webpages, marked “login”. If you attempt to log in and you’re taken back to our home page, this means your password or username is incorrect. 

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Where can I get instant support?

If you need help right now on your cloud service or PC (yes, including Mac), then we might direct you to download one of the files below. This application will allow us to share you screen with you, on PC or Mac, in real time, offering you the best possible support for any problems you may be experiencing.

Remote Access and Support over the Internet with TeamViewer Get instant support here
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How long does it usually take to move into the cloud?

As with many things in IT (and life), the answer to this question isn’t a set response and will depend largely on how many applications, user and how much data you need to move. Ideally, we will work with you to move properly through a managed roll out of changes, with appropriate testing at each point, to ensure that the project runs smoothly.

That said, for organisations who are looking to get going from very little existing configuration or to recover from a disaster, we have been able to migrate entire and functioning business from completely onsite based to completely cloud based in as little as a day. 

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My server has crashed – can I pick up where I left off in the Host One cloud?

Generally, yes. Assuming we have some way to pick up your data, either from backups or recovery from what remains from your old equipment, it’s likely we can migrate your company to our cloud in a very short period of time. 

Ordinarily, we do this by working to immediately capture emails that may be being lost in real time, then bring online your essential data and services first, allowing the less essential ones to come up later. 

Thanks to the scalability of our cloud environment, we can often bring companies who have suffered a catastrophic disaster back online in a matter of hours, with all their staff able to be productive once more. 

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Where can I read more about the cloud?

Host One recommend you check out All About Cloud, a non-commercial, community driven cloud computing blog that we’re proud to support. 

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What other services do Host One offer?

Host One are also 3CX Digital PBX partners and can provide you with a complete, fully featured Windows based PBX, running over the VoIP provider of your choice. 3CX PBX solutions can save you a large amount of money, compared to traditional PBXs (and can even be as cheap as free!), while also reducing your monthly phone bills by using VoIP.

Host One are also a SugarCRM partner and can implement SugarCRM solutions to meet your business requirements. 

Of course, we also offer traditional IT support and can provide desktop, server and network support or advice to your organisation.

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