COVID-19 Update

If you had asked us last year about disaster recovery planning needing to focus on contingency’s, for dealing with a global health emergency, we would have said “Not a chance” and yet here we are in 2020 facing that exact scenario.
Under these circumstances, it is important to create a plan for staff in home or office quarantine. Please consider these check list items:

  • Can users securely access data remotely to continue working while quarantined ?
  • Is there a remote desktop server, fileshare, or VPN in place to allow for remote access ?
  • What systems are inaccessible even with these technologies ?
  • Do users have the necessary equipment at home to work remotely ?
  • Does your current phone system support remote access ?

A number of discussions with clients, have highlighted unexpected and unintended gaps, specific to the business. We can address these gaps now, rather than waiting for the disaster to unfold. Please contact us to discuss your requirements and any concerns you have. We can assist preparing your business, so you can get ahead while you can.


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